Tooth original#68.png

Till public mint

0.7 SOL


Meet Teeth

Common tooth  escaped from the most ordinary person

Uncommon tooth  escaped from the mouth of a dollar millionaire

Rare tooth  escaped from the mouth of a solana millionaire

Epic tooth still alive while its owner is already dead

Legendary Tooth. The tooth of Ctulhu, which will guard the health of your teeth



Every tooth will be generated randomly at the moment of minting.
And we’ve prepared a tidbit for you

We’ve released 3 characters that have slight chance of being created. But who know! Maybe you’ll become the proud owner of one.

Drop chance 1.2

Badass Cop

Captain Parrot



Each of them will be the most powerful card in our upcoming game.

Mighty Cowtooth


Drop chance 7.8

Drop chance 2.35

Drop chance 2.2

Drop chance 1.3

Drop chance 2.2

Drop chance 5.4

Drop chance 1

Drop chance 5,3

Drop chance 2.1


As soon as 100% of teeth reach their owners, each SolT  holder will recieve royalty via airdrop in Solana tokens. The royalty amount is 50% commisions from sales on secondary markets will be given automaticaly every weekend.


Starting project


- Social network and site launch

- Cooperation with digital dental services

- Launching giveaway contests
- Starting work on P-2-E NFT collectible      card game

Free mint

- Airdrop NFT to the first competition        winners

- Giveaway 168 SolTeeth NFT



25% sold

- Digital dental service for SolTeeth holders launch

- Dental support discord

  - Dental support site

50% sold

- Every SolT holder able to get standart SolTeeth dental kit

75% sold

- Pre-sale of exclusive dental kits for SolTeeth holders

100% sold

- Listing on secondary markets: Solanart, Solsea, Digital eyes

- Play - 2 - Earn NFT collectible card game trailer announce

- Cashback protocol

  (The royalty amount is 50% commisions from sales on secondary markets will be given to each SolT holder automaticaly          every weekend )

- Launch Dental offline support in your country



Q: What will I receive with SolT?
A: Firstly - cool and playable collectible card, a hero in upcoming NFT game. And also an invaluable entry into the world of dental health. 

Q: But when?
A: Watch this

Q: When will the collectible NTF Solt card game start?
A: After 100% of SolTeeth will find their owners, we`ll announce NFT game trailer (at the end of Q1 of 2022)

Q: Where can I get dental support? 
A: After 25% of SolTeeth will find their owners,special chat in our Discord server will be opened. Also the relevant section on our website will be able too 

Q: When the giveaway events will happen? 
A: You can find all actually information in our Discord & Twitter chanels



Minting will be separated into 3 parts

Giveaway events

10/12/2021 17:00 UTC
1`st giveaway wave

32 SolTeeth will be airdroped to the winners of 1`st competition
Also 168 SolTeeth will be able for free minting

in 1 minutes

24/12/2021 at 17:00 UTC
2nd giveaway wave
200 SolTeeth NFT will be able for free minting


Pre - minting

29/12/2021 at 17:00 UTC
3nd giveaway wave
300 SolTeeth NFT will be able for free minting


in 1 minutes


in 1 minutes

Public minting
0.7 SOL


Announce of next minting date will be very soon. Stay tuned not to miss actual news


Our mission

The SolT project was conceived as a project to attract attention and educate the population about dental health. Each SOLT holder will have access to a our special online dental services. And will be able to get advice on any dental issue (whether it's a consultation, referral to a specialist, or even a remote video inspection).

Also, our project launches a line of exclusive personalized dental kits, pre-order of which will be available after 50% of the teeth find their new owners

More than it, every Solt holder will have the opportunity to get a kit to care for their real teeth as soon as 75% of the SolT find their owners. You will only need to fill out the appropriate form



Dr.K. art and design

Tooth X Dev lead

Sergio T. social and media